Tsunami Finance

Tsunami Finance

Good to know: Tsunami finance is a margin trading and spot exchange! These docs are in constant development so please submit a pull request if you see something that should be changed!
What does Tsunami do?:
Tsunami Finance is a simple but powerful solution for leveraged trading
For Liquidity Providers:
  • Tsunami offers a pooled LP token (TLP) that minimizes risk from impermanent loss through diversification of blue chip cryptos and stablecoins, while maximizing rewards by generating leveraged trading fees on top of swap fees
For Traders
  • Tsunami provides a way to trade with 0% price impact, known exit liquidity, low funding fees, a low spread, and collateral that grows in value over time.
We ensure this vision by creating superior protection for the Liquidity Providers at all moments. With Tsunami Finance, LPs can earn passive real yield with less risk than typical 2-pool AMMs. At the same time, leveraged trading is the crypto product that has historically been able to generate significantly more fees over time than AMM alternatives.
Our unique pool of assets contain deep enough liquidity to prevent attacks on LPs, while including small weights of more exotic tokens such as APT with limited weight.
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