Q: What price oracles will you use day 1? A: We are working closely with Pyth to integrate redundant low-latency Pyth price feeds for our Mainnet launch on Mantle.

Q: Who earns the fees? A: Fees are split between LPs, and keepers

Q: What are the trading use cases for TsunamiX V2? A: Traders looking to swap assets, hedge positions/risk, and speculate on the market

Q: Are you live on mainnet? A: Yes!

Q: Has TsunamiX V2 been audited? A: TsunamiX V2's base contracts inherit the audits from Vela Exchange (on Arbitrum & Base). Furthermore, there is a new operational contract not accessible by external actors for keeper purposes that remains unaudited. Several view only functions for reading variables have been added as well that also are unaudited.

Q: How long do LPs need to wait before removing capital from the LP after depositing? A: 3 days.

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