Tsunami Finance

Nami Governance Token

Watch out for scammers: Tsunami has not launched the NAMI governance token. We are in no way shape or form associated with any existing tokens.


NAMI will be the governance token of the Tsunami protocol.
In the future, utility token holders will be able to vote on fee rates within the protocol, and on the implementation of new concepts, such as a fee take rate that the NAMI token would receive from the system. Nonetheless, every decision will be made by the DAO collective with equal weighting per token.
As Tsunami develops, the DAO can vote on an ever expanding quantity of issues related to emissions, developer team compensation, bribe mechanisms, feature development, and much more.
With the confirmation of the Tsunami DAO, NAMI token holders will be able to stake NAMI as a way to get access to special access to any NFTs or speciality NAMI goods.
Good to know: Governance tokens allow token holders to make changes to the protocol in the form of a vote.

Discord Access

Token holders may receive special access to select discord channels that only other verified holders of NAMI will have access to.

Digital Events

There may be digital events and townhalls that only NAMI token holders with a certain threshold of ownership may be permitted entry to.