Price Feeds


TsunamiX V1 and V2 use Pyth Network as the backbone for price feed aggregation and features the most robust and trustworthy sub-second price accuracy in DeFi. Rather than using the legacy model of off-chain price feeds (which push updates), Pyth features an on-demand price update model that excels in periods of volatility.

Our partnership with Pyth has enabled us to collaborate at a ground level with their architects and engineers to ensure support for our use-cases and drive innovation in a collaborative nature.

Pyth offers several key advantages:

  • Financial data from close to 100 first-party sources

  • Price feeds for several classes of assets ranging from crypto to traditional financial assets

  • Aggregation that happens on a sub second level, multiple times a second

Refresh Rates

Data is refreshed and ingested on variable intervals depending on asset type.

Data Sources

TsunamiX aggregates data from top centralized exchanges including Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and other sources.


All latency related to price feeds is at a sub-millisecond level (<1 millisecond). Our data providers operate on enterprise level data centers close to data sources.


Multiple layers of redundancy power our data sources, allowing for fall backs in case primary data sources experience outages or irregularities.

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