Bridge Funds To TsunamiX

How to Bridge to Mantle

The safest and most user-friendly way to bridge digital assets to Mantle's layer 2 solution is through their official cross-chain platform called the Mantle Bridge.

To initiate the process, follow this simple 4-step guide:

  1. Visit Mantle Bridge and connect your MetaMask or another EVM-compatible wallet.

  2. Select Mantle as your destination chain and choose the originating chain from which you want to move assets.

  3. Identify the specific token you intend to transfer and enter the desired quantity (e.g ETH, MNT or USDC).

  4. Review your transaction details and approve the transaction. The tokens will be visible in your Mantle wallet in under 5 minutes.


• ETH (L1) to deposit from Ethereum Mainnet

• MNT (L2) to transact on Mantle Mainnet

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