Editing Positions

After you open a position, you may decide you want to adjust your leverage (and therefore liquidation price), position size, or collateral amount.

TsunamiX is unique in how it enables users to constantly re-adjust their positions in order to target their exact risk appetite at any amount of collateral.

You can interact with the Edit Position Menu by clicking on the Icon displayed below.

The Edit Position Menu has two tabs: Deposit and Withdraw.

By default, editing positions will display a single input field, corresponding to the amount of collateral you would like to increase or decrease.

When in the Deposit menu, you're able to increase your collateral.

When in the Withdraw menu, you're able to decrease your collateral.

In both cases, your position size does not change.

For now, TsunamiX V2 offers leverage between 1.1 & 20x

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