Setup Wallet

Create Mantle Wallet

If you do not have a wallet yet - we recommend:

When you download the proper browser extension, you will need to get a pen and paper on which to write down your recovery phrase. If you forget this phrase you will be unable to access your wallet on a new device.

Initialize Wallet

In order to interact with the Mantle blockchain, you will need to initialize your wallet by adding MNT tokens which will be used for gas fees when executing transactions.

MNT tokens can be sent to your Mantle Wallet from a CEX (Centralized Exchange) such as Coinbase or Bybit.

We recommend using the Mantle bridge to send over other assets from your on-chain wallets once you have your Mantle wallet initialized with gas.

Connect Wallet

Now, simply click on the top right of the TsunamiX Website's navigation bar, and connect your wallet.

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