Trade With Leverage

TsunamiX V2 utilizes isolated margin to safeguard collateral, meaning only the collateral for the user's specific position is at risk during a trade. This method is widely accepted as the standard in the industry and is the most prevalent in DeFi, as we believe it offers the most responsible way to protect our customers.

Mitigating account risk is essential for DeFi traders of all experience levels. Given the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, isolated margin helps to protect the overall account balance while ensuring a non-custodial trading environment.

Additionally, TsunamiX V2 provides traders with access to extensive liquidity, enabling trades with leverage up to 20x. Users can view real-time updates on the health of their individual positions, offering an extra layer of security and transparency. Disclaimer: TsunamiX V2 is in an alpha stage and may have bugs - by using the protocol, users agree to take complete responsibility for any losses that result from usage. Please report any bugs found by opening a ticket in the TsunamiX Discord server.

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