TsunamiX Seasons

What it is & how to participate
Seasons are a mechanism for measuring and rewarding productive actions to the protocol. They are a set period of time during which users can accrue Points on TsunamiX, and achieve higher tiers that are attributed to rewards. See the graphic below to learn how to earn Points, and how they can be slashed.
Points and tiers are reset when a new Season begins.
How to earn points, and avoid losing points

Ongoing Incentives Starting with Season 0

Season 0 is now live, and early users will earn 2.5x leaderboard points for a limited time. Get rewarded at a higher rate, and become eligible for exclusive prizes and status within TsunamiX.
Incentives will be announced at the end of the Season, and then Season points reset and the next Season begins.

Why Introduce Seasons?

We believe that our users should be rewarded for sticking with us from the early days, but we also believe that users who come later are just as important for the sustained growth of the protocol.
Introducing Seasons, a system for breaking up time and usage of the platform, allows us to reward both existing and incoming users over time. We are also able to make these rewards Sybil resistant, as they will be based on the value brought to the protocol (i.e. generating volume, maintaining basket composition, and avoiding usage of competing DEXs).
Rewards will be based on internal projects within TsunamiX, but also partnerships we've been fostering throughout our time building. Over time we envision TsunamiX becoming a useful distribution tool for other projects to use by sponsoring a Season - but first, we plan on rewarding users with TsunamiX-specific incentives.